China Commercialisation Platforms

Galliard Lockings Associates has collaborated with agencies and partners across China to create platforms for the local commercialisation of foreign companies and their technologies in China. Also see  Tech Transfer Platform

Incubator Platform

This programme supports China market entry by enabling incubators to extend their service offering and provide expert support in China for their client companies. Aimed at overseas incubators, the programme is focussed at working with them to establish a local incubator in China. Jointly invested and managed with a Chinese partner, the Chinese subsidiary incubator will support their current or past clients who wish to set up operations in China.

Accelerator Programme

This platform looks to support foreign companies with promising technologies to develop and commercialise them in China. Using investment banking principles, they are supported through the whole process from Local soft landing, partnering, localisation R&D through to market development and finally local IPO. This programme also includes initial investment, access to bank loans, loan funds and guarantee programs. The aim is to take a company through to IPO in three years.

Soft Landing Platform

This platform looks to support foreign companies in the initial stages of doing business in China by providing one or more bases in China for ad hoc or short term marketing and business development. For further details please  see here