Market & Entry Strategy
  • 1.

    Market Studies to understand market characteristics and your customer's needs

  • 2.

    Marketing Research to better reach customers in the face of competition from other market players

  • 3.

    Planned entry strategy to ensure smooth execution of your local market expansion

Why it's important

Good business decisions are based on good information. Because China is such a huge country with a wide range of regions, cultures as well as distribution of wealth, before any company enters a China market it is very important they are clear on several factors to minimise risks and increase chances of success.

For example, where does your company and product fit in, what is the best segment to focus on? Where is demand strong, and where is supply weak for your kind of products? Who are your customers, what do they want, what makes them tick and how best do you communicate with them? You also need to understand who are your competitors and how do you distinguish yourself from them to maximise success and have a clear strategy for operating in China.